October 24, 2017

6 Simple Ways to Practice Sight Words

Pinterest is loaded with fun sight word activities!  Today I'll share the 6 simple sight word activities that I use the most.  I have a master set of laminated sight word cards that I use for these activities.  It can be found here.  (This post contains affiliate links).

You've probably seen this easy game before, I first learned of it when I was going to college.  Start by laying out the sight words you are working on.  Give your child something to slap with, such as a fly swatter or a spatula.  Call out a sight word and have your child identify the word by slapping it!  Who doesn't love a chance to whack things?

I bought this changeable dice several years ago from Amazon and have used it for so many different learning games.  It comes in a 3-pack, which I split with my sisters.  A few years later, the Dollar Tree started selling these dry erase dice, which are another great option.  First load the die with sight words, then take turns rolling the die and saying the sight word.  To make it a little more interesting, we put a star sticker on one of the words and choose an action.  Whenever we roll the star, we read the word and do the action.  Some silly actions we have done are:  bawk like a chicken, clap your hands, jump up and down, and twirl like a ballerina.

A word wall can come in many varieties.  This chalkboard door (that has seen a lot of love and needs re-painted) is in my kitchen.  I will write sight words that Little Miss is working on, and she will at random times tell me what they are, trace them, re-write them, and play sight word slap with them.  A word wall can also be created using pocket charts, bulletin or magnet boards, or just fun tacking word cards to a wall.  Sometimes we put up all the sight words we know, other times we put up just the words we are currently working on.

I love this game because it can be adapted to whatever your child's interest is.  I lay out many sight word cards on the floor.  We gather Little Miss' favorite toy (in this case it is ponies).  Then I'll say, "Put Rainbow Dash on we.  Put Twilight Sparkle on and."  We have also played this game with cars, Lego figures, and action figures.  

I found this game from Little Family Fun and changed it to go with sight words.  It was a favorite Thanksgiving game in my preschool, but we would also play it year-round.  Print or draw a turkey on a card.  Put the turkey and sight word cards in a bag.  Take turns pulling out a card and saying the sight word.  If you pull the turkey out, everyone jumps up and moves around like a turkey, yelling "Gobble!  Gobble!  Gobble!"

In this game, you roll the die and move your piece.  If you land on a sight word, you say what it is.  If you land on an action space, you do what it says (put on a hat, slither like a snake, etc.)  These board games can be found here.

Well those are my top 6 ways to practice sight words, but there are many other great ideas out there!

Check out these links and my Sight Word Pinterest Board for more fun  activities and resources.  And feel free to leave your own sight word ideas in the comments!  

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