February 1, 2018

Simple Valentine's Fun From the Dollar Store

By February, we are really starting to get cabin fever at our house!  I feel kind of like a circus performer actually.  My Beanie Baby will come up to me multiple times a day and say, "Now what Mom?  Now what?"  I'm apparently not producing activities fast enough!  One way I produce activities is by pulling out our holiday tote.  In it I keep our holiday books and learning/play holiday items.  Nearly everything in my Valentine's box is from the dollar store.  Some activities are for learning and some are just for fun.  

preschool Valentine's activities

Here are some simple Valentine's activities using stuff from the Dollar Store:

Heart Foam Stickers

  • Name Building
  • Sorting (letters/words, sight words, vowel sound, by size, by color)

Valentines learning activities

Conversation Heart Foam Stickers

  • Sorting
  • Making Patterns
  • Representing Numbers

At home Valentines learning

Heart Table Scatter
  • Sorting
  • Making Patterns
  • Use with Math Mats
  • Bingo Markers
  • Letter Learning (I write letters on them with a sharpie and use for letter sorting and games)
  • Sensory Play (Probably my most loved toddler activity is giving a bowl of small items and adding scoops, tongs, ice cube tray, extra bowls, and just letting her play).

Preschool Valentine's activities

Valentine's sorting activity

toddler Valentine's activities

Preschool Math Mats

Heart Cookie Cutters

  • Order by size
  • Match (buy 2 sets)
  • Make cookies
  • Tracing

Valentine's size sorting

Heart Magnets

  • Play with the magnets while I cook dinner
  • Put them in a line
  • Sort them by color
  • Show me 3 magnets...show me 5...show me 3 pink

Valentine's fun from the dollar store

Heart Doilies and Stickers

I love to just set out supplies and let my littles create.  Mostly they decide to make Valentine's for people who are special to them.  

These are the supplies I usually lay out:

  • Water color paints (The doilies are fun to paint)
  • Construction paper
  • Foam heart stickers (stickers are great fine motor practice)
  • Scissors, glue sticks, gel pens
  • Hole punch (Great for fine motor practice, but really frustrating for littles who haven't developed the strength to squeeze it)

preschool process art

Toddler Table Time

Preschool Valentine's Art

Toddler projects from the Dollar Store

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Enjoy your February!

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Simple at home Valentine's activities for preschoolers, name practice, sorting, patterns, early childhood Valentines' activities


  1. Great ideas! I love how they are cheap to set up (Dollar Tree!) and so simple to do. I feel like many parents do not know where to begin when it comes to introducing simple learning at home.

  2. Thank you! We are all about simple and cheap at our house :)