February 28, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Fun for Preschoolers

St. Patrick's Day has always been my favorite holiday to celebrate in preschool.  The hype of hunting for leprechauns seems to always go on for days after!  Today I'll share some St. Patrick's Day activities for fun and learning.  I have used these in my preschool and at home with my own kiddos.  (This post contains affiliate links)

St. Patrick's Day Books

We read this clever rhyming book and then use their traps for inspiration to build our own traps.  (I don't get real elaborate on our trap building, that is why I like the examples from this book, they can be made very easily).

This book has amazing pictures, and goes through a series of traps, all of which the leprechaun keeps escaping from.

"Jack and the Leprechaun" is a cute story about a mouse who is visiting his cousins in Ireland.  He learns about Irish customs and is very determined to catch Liam the Leprechaun.   

St. Patrick's Day Math

I pull out my preschool math mats which can be used for any holiday.  For St. Patrick's Day, I add felt shamrocks from the craft store, gold coins (from the Dollar Tree), and shamrock beads (cut off of necklaces from the Dollar Tree).

Preschool Math Mats

St. Patrick's Day Art

I found this cute idea from The Resourceful Momma.  We did ours with construction paper pieces instead of tissue paper.  I love this craft because it is simple, works on fine motor skills, and helps with gluing practice.

These "Catch-a-Leprechaun Binoculars" have been well loved.  Every year, we simply staple some TP rolls together, attach a string, and then decorate with green tissue paper and rainbow stickers (again, great for fine motor skills).  We set out our leprechaun traps, and then set off to hunt for leprechauns.  

Shamrock stamping is SO simple!  Use a shamrock cookie cutter, dip in paint, and stamp!  But what I LOVE about preschool art, is just letting them be curious and create in their own way.  So though I thought our project was going to be the above picture, the end product is the below picture.  

St. Patrick's Day Cutting & Pre-Writing Practice

I try to throw in some cutting, gluing, and pre-writing practice whenever I get the chance.  Having pages that go with the holidays seem to make practicing these skills seem a little less boring.

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Skills Practice

Fun With St. Patrick's Day Hats (from The Dollar Tree)

We play a variety of games by hiding things under the hats.

  • Which letter is under the hat?
  • What letter does the object under the hat begin with?
  • Read the sight word under the hat.
  • How many gold coins are under the hat?
The kids also enjoy coming up with their own games using the hats.  My girls like to hide the gold coins around the room, and then use the hats as a basket to go on a coin hunt.

St. Patrick's Day Science

We built a rainbow using different colored liquids.  This project explored density, and resulted in a really cool rainbow in a jar!  Check out Play-dough to Plato to see the details of this fun experiment, she has fabulous ideas for science activities with kids!

I hope you have fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the curious kids in your life!  

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